Not only do balance bikes help little ones cover more distance and explore more, it crucially helps them with their coordination, independence, mobility and confidence. The specific skills it takes to successfully ride the balance bike all build these essential skills. Our balance bike is adjustable in a unique way; rather than being able to raise the seat, it stays in the same position meaning there’s no chance of it moving when your child is using it. Instead, the position of the pin through the back wheel can make the frame higher and lower. Built from beech with wheels made of EVA, so they won’t puncture, the balance bike is perfect for indoor use or walks with the whole family. To ride a balance bike a child must be able to put both feet flat on the ground from sitting and standing and our bike is sized so your little one can start using it from around 24 months. Handmade of wood and all colouring is water-based!

Extra Info

  • Weight: 3.5 KG
  • Dimensions: 76 x 26 x 56.5 (h) cm
  • Age Guide: 24 months +

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