Whisbear’s Humming Sensory Bear and swaddle enhance the newborn’s sense of security and help her feel settled and comforted. A baby surrounded by a soothing pink noise and wrapped in Whisbear’s swaddle calms down and settles to sleep.

Numerous studies have proven that a newborn baby falls asleep peacefully and sleeps longer when accompanied by a soothing, gentle pink noise. A sound that reminds the baby of the time spent in the mother’s belly. The teddy bear is equipped with the CRYsensor which switches on a shushing noise as soon as the baby starts to wake up. After 40 minutes of humming, the device gently mutes and goes into standby mode. Baby’s crying or sudden sounds in the background restart the soundbox for 20 minutes.

The Humming Sensory Bear was made of the highest quality soft, tested materials. Contrasting fabrics, rustling elements in the ears and long paws support the child’s sensory development. Thanks to the safely sewn magnets, the toy can be attached to the frame of a cot or a pram.

Our teddy bears are cuddly soft toys for years – the first ones, bought over six years ago, are used by many children to this day.

The swaddle is one of the most important accessories for babies. By creating a familiar womb-like feeling, swaddling is an effective technique to help calm your newborn baby, keeping them as well as you, content and asleep. Whisbear’s swaddle is made of the highest quality, soft and skin-friendly certified materials.


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