NEW Humming SleepyBear from Whisbear®

This small, cuddly baby sleep aid in the shape of a cute teddy bear will make it easier for little ones to calm down and fall asleep. The SleepyBear is perfect for everyday activities, walks or travels. This little friend will be a beautiful addition to a baby’s layette.

Many Parents have already found out that it is good to have a Whisbear nearby. Pink noise resembles the sounds that a baby hears in the mother’s womb, it comforts and helps fall asleep.

Why is it worth buying a Humming SleepyBear?

Humming SleepyBear is an effective way to soothe and put your baby to sleep

The device hums for 40 minutes – the device placed in the teddy bear emits a calming pink noise – tested and safe for the child’s hearing

Simple to use – you can turn the noise on and off with one button

Small size – the teddy bear will be the perfect companion for walks or spending time outside the home

Easy to clean – all Whisbear products can be safely machine washed at 30 degrees

Safe from the first day of the baby’s life

Humming device without cry sensor

The device hums for 40 minutes, then turns off. The device is started manually with one button. The soft start and soft stop function makes the noise turn on and off gradually. The noise volume can be adjusted to the baby’s needs.

The Humming Sleepy Bear does not have the CRYsensor.

Safe noise volume

The Whisbear humming device has been acoustically tested and is safe for newborns. The loudest noise setting is 65 decibels. The permissible noise level in children

toys is 70 decibels.

Red ribbon – a good luck charm

Our cuddly toys are the perfect first soft toys for a newborn baby. We attached a red ribbon to the teddy bear for good luck.

Give the new mum our SleepyBear, which will lull the baby to sleep, and additionally the red ribbon will be a cute decoration for the buggy


Device dimensions: 7×2.3 cm

Teddy bear dimensions: 10.5 x 24 cm


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