Our Humming Bunny compact baby sleep aid is a great companion for walks and trips. Together with the eco-friendly wooden Bunny Teether, they are baby must-haves: they soothe, help sleep peacefully and entertain. There is not always room for our “big” Humming Bunny in a stroller or in a luggage, but the compact sleep soother and teether will fit for sure.

Milo the Humming Bunny sleep aid with a functional clip is a mini version of our Humming Bunny with the CRYsensor. A humming device is hidden inside the bunny’s head. It emits a friendly pink noise so well known to a baby from her mother’s belly. The noise increases gradually and gradually fades away as well. After 40 minutes, if necessary, restart the device manually. The soother is not equipped with the CrySensor like the “big” Bunny – it was designed with trips and walks in mind – in those situations the child is always accompanied by a parent or carer who can turn on and off the noise. Our Humming Bunny compact sleep aid can of course replace our large cuddly toy, but most often it complements it. A convenient clip makes it easy to attach the baby soother to a pram or car seat and protects it against falling, damage or loss.

Our eco-friendly wooden teether is great at soothing teething pains. Teething is always a difficult time for babies and their parents, and our Bunny Teether has been designed to make this period easier. The teether is made of maple wood and soft plush in the shape of Milo the Humming Bear. The wooden ring can be safely taken in the mouth. The baby’s attention will also be drawn to Milo’s long ears, perfect for playing: pulling, twisting and chewing. The Whisbear teether is an absolute must have in a layette.

Humming Bunny Mini Set grey for a Newborn Humming Bunny

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