Our Humming Bunny compact baby sleep aid and Bunny Rattle are a perfect complement to your baby’s layette. They will also be a great gift when you go to visit new parents for the first time. Milo the Humming Bunny is already hung on the baby’s cot? Fantastic! The compact Bunny and rattle will be useful for walks and trips.

Humming Bunny with a Functional Clip is a neat pocket in the shape of a bunny’s head, made of gray plush and with ears made of blue fabric with white dots. The pocket is filled with a shushing device which emits a gentle pink noise when switched on. It makes the child feel safe because it is the sound she heard during the fetal life. The noise helps the baby fall asleep or relieve colic pains. The volume levels of the noise can be adjusted with the button. After 40 minutes, the noise stops, but the device can be turned on again if necessary. Humming Bunny was invented to be a companion on walks and trips, so the CRYsensor (present in the “big” Humming Bunny) is not needed; there is always a someone near the child who can turn on the soothing shushing. The Humming Bunny pendant is equipped with a handy ribbon with a clip – for attaching the sleep aid to the frame of a pram or car seat.

The Bunny Rattle is also a great addition to the layette for a baby. If your little one already has Humming Bunny sleep aid, match it with the rattle! Made of a soft material, it perfectly fits baby’s hands and supports the baby’s sensory development. The soft bunny head is perfect for cuddling. You can jiggle, shake, rattle it, but you can also throw the rattle out of the cot! Additionally, the bunny’s long ears swing playfully while rattling, making the baby happy. You can also pull these ears, roll them or even chew on them. The bunny rattle looks beautiful too. The gray and blue colors of Humming Bunnies have many fans today.

Humming Bunny Mini Set grey for a Newborn a Functional

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