Like all Whisbear humming toys, Humming Bunny with a Functional Clip emits pink noise. It has been designed and invented to lull and calm your baby. The eco-friendly Bunny Teether will soothe the baby and relieve the teething pain. Both products are excellent gift ideas.

Our Humming Bunny compact sleep aid is a mobile equivalent of our Humming Bunny with the CRYsensor. It was created with the convenience of parents in mind. It often turns out that large cuddly toys – like the Humming Bunny – take up too much space in a pram or a bag. A small, handy sleep aid becomes a perfect solution in such situations. A mini bunny’s head is placed on a long ribbon, ended with a convenient plastic clip to attach to the frame of a pram or a car seat. We have hidden the humming device inside the small pocket. Pink noise starts when the button is pressed. This is the sound the baby remembers from the time in the womb. It soothes the child and puts her to sleep, and even soothes colic pains. It emits the noise for 40 minutes, then gradually fades away. The device can be turned on again when it is needed, but manually, because the mascot does not have the CrySensor like the “big” Bunny. You can adjust the noise volume to suit your baby’s needs.

Our eco-friendly wooden Bunny Teether will be useful for every baby and is a great addition to a layette. An adorable bunny’s head is mounted on a wooden ring hoop. This is another miniature of our “big” cuddly toy, just as cute as she is. It is made of soft, cream-colored plush, and the long ears are finished with a light fabric with colourful spots. The width of the teether is perfectly suited for tiny baby’s hands and can be bitten or chewed by her without fear. Its colourful ears will attract baby’s attention and entertain her. The eco teether is an excellent support for the baby during teething.


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