The Humming Bunny with a Functional Clip is a mobile version of our large Humming Bunny with the CRYsensor. There is not always room for a bigger cuddly toy in a pram or luggage. Our compact sleep aid fits everywhere and is always ready to lull your baby to sleep. Together with our comfort blanket, they make a great “sleep” or “travel” set. The blanket often remains a child’s friend during first years at nursery.

If you want to take pink noise with you for a walk or a trip, be sure to add our compact sleep aid to your baby’s layette. It’s a small bunny head with a pink noise device inside. This sound calms and sends babies to sleep because they remember it from their mother’s belly. The soundbox hums for 40 minutes, gradually fading out at the end. The device can be restarted manually at any time. It doesn’t have the CRYsensor. You can adjust the noise volume to suit your baby’s needs

The sleep aid is made – just like our big Humming Bunny – from light, soft plush. The head has long ears, lined with a light fabric with colorful dots. A convenient plastic clip on a long ribbon makes it easy to attach the mascot anywhere and hang it safely.

It is worth adding our comfort blanket to the set with the sleep aid. While listening to the shushing noise from the sleep soother, the baby can cuddle up with the blanket at the same time. It has the bunny head with its long coloured ears and is made of gray material that can easily absorbs a scent of the baby’s mum or dad. Having the comforter beside her, the little one will feel safe. The inner fabric of the blanket has black and white stripes, which are the first colours that your baby recognizes. That is why the cuddly blanket also supports the baby’s sensory development. The long ears on the bunny’s head are also eye-catching and fun to play with. So are the knots tied at the ends of the blankie. The knots can also be used to attach a pacifier or teether. The security blanket is a great idea for a baby shower or birth gift.

Humming Bunny Mini Set (cream) a Newborn

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