Our Humming Sensory Bear with the CRYsensor function calms, comforts and helps fall asleep from the first moments of life. A soundbox placed inside the soft toy emits a pink noise that reminds a baby of the friendly sounds she heard in the mother’s womb. The comfort blanket and swaddle increase the sense of security.

The Humming Sensory Bear is Whisbear’s hero product, created over six years ago. The teddy bear has the CRYsensor function which switches on a soothing pink noise when it “hears” that a baby is waking up. After 40 minutes of shushing, the device gently mutes and goes into standby mode. Crying or sudden noises restart the humming for 20 minutes.

The Humming Sensory Bear is made of the highest quality soft, certified materials. The selection of contrasting fabrics, rustling elements placed in the ears and long paws support the child’s sensory development. The paws have magnets sewn in, so the toy can be easily attached to the frame of a cot or a pram.

Our comfort blanket and swaddle will be a perfect complement to your baby’s bedtime and naptime routine.

The swaddle is a must on the layette list. Newborns like to be wrapped, because they feel just like in their mother’s belly. They calm down and settle thanks to the pleasant warmth and comforting feeling of being swaddled. The Whisbear swaddle is made of the highest quality, soft and skin-friendly certified materials.

Our cuddly blanket with the head of a Humming Sensory Bear will help ensure your baby’s a good night’s sleep. Hold the comforter close to your body for some time so that it absorbs your scent. The child will feel safe while cuddling her favourite blankie with a familiar smell. It is made of safe materials. Black and white stripes on the inner fabric support your baby’s sensory development. The tied knots provide entertainment and make it easier to attach your baby’s favorite teether or a pacifier.


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