Whisbear products are primarily soft toys emitting pink noise, but a baby’s layette will not be complete without a teether, rattle or cuddly blanket. A set of these accessories is a perfect gift for a baby and can be a beautiful complement to our Milo the Humming Bunny.

The bunny teether is made of specially selected materials – cotton and maple wood. A teething baby can safely hold it in her hands, bite it, put it in her mouth. Our teether is an inseparable companion of the teething period, when the baby is often irritable and has sore gums. We placed the bunny’s head on a maple wood ring. It is – like our Humming Bunny – made of gray plush, and the long ears are lined with a blue fabric with white dots. The teether is also a great toy that stimulates the child’s development. The baby can bite it, chew on it and pull its ears.

Milo’s head also adorns the Whisbear rattle. As in the case of the teether, it nicely matches other accessories in the range, for example our Humming Bunny. The rattle is made of a soft gray material and perfectly fits the baby’s hands, supporting her sensory development. Additionally, the long ears of the bunny, lined with a blue dotted fabric, swing playfully while rattling, making the baby happy. You can also pull these ears or even try to taste them. A perfect first toy for a baby!

The comfort blanket is a great complement to a set of accessories for a baby. The blanket is decorated with the Milo’s head, made of gray plush with long ears. The blue fabric with white dots attracts the baby’s attention. A falling asleep baby willingly cuddles up in a blanket that smells of a mother or father. It is enough to hold the material against the body for some time so that it absorbs their smell, which is loved by the baby. We have lined the blankie with black and white striped material that has a very beneficial effect on the sensory development of a child. When the baby is awake, the soothing blanket becomes an interesting toy. The bunny’s ears can be folded or taste tested, and the knots at the ends of the blanket make it easy to attach her favorite teether or a pacifier. The blanket can be your child’s first cuddly toy and accompany her all the way to nursery.


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