Our bunny teether, rattle and comfort blanket are are a great addition to a baby’s layette and perfectly complete the set with our Humming Bunny, if the soft toy is already in the crib. The teether helps with teething, the rattle is the first toy and supports the child’s sensory development, and the blanket, while absorbing the parent’s smell, makes the baby feel safe.

Teething is a hard time for a baby and her parents. Our eco-friendly wooden teether was created to make this time easier. We have placed our bunny’s head on a maple tree ring. It is almost the same as in our large cuddly toy, only smaller. The soft head is covered with a cream plush, and the long ears have bright material with colourful spots. The ring is tiny hands friendly in size and is perfect for biting and chewing, soothing irritated, sore gums. The bunny’s ears are a great toy for a baby, they can be pulled, rolled or looked at colourful spots.

Our bunny rattle is the perfect first toy for a baby. It is in the shape of Luna the Humming Bunny’s head and made of soft, cream-coloured plush. The rattle can be used in many ways, not just rattling. It can be bitten, chewed, pulled and thrown! It is a toy that has a positive effect on the child’s development and your little one will certainly have many ideas for using it. The contoured shape of the rattle perfectly fits tiny hands. The rattle supports the child’s motor and sensory development. It is a safe toy for every baby.

Whisbear’s comfort blanket is an indispensable element of the layette for a baby and her first cuddly toy. From the French “dou-dou”, it is a child’s companion from the first moments after birth. Many children have such a blanket even during their nursery years. The comforter gives little ones a sense of security because it has a magic power – it can be held close to the body, and then it absorbs the scent of a mother or father and even when they are not around, the baby remains calm. The blanket has a head in the shape of our Bunny with long ears, and knots are tied at the ends. They can be used for the entertainment purpose or to attach, for example, a pacifier. The blankie has a lining of black and white material that catches the child’s attention. The blanket is made of safe and certified materials.


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