Milo the Humming Bunny is your baby’s first cuddly toy, and our comfort blanket with a soft texture and a familiar smell will be a great complement to the “big” rabbit. Pink noise will lull the baby to sleep, and the soothing blanket will make her sleep long and restful.

Our bunny is the baby’s friend from the first day of her life. We have hidden a pocket with a humming device under the soft gray fur. Pressing the pocket activates a friendly and safe pink noise. It is this noise that accompanies the baby in her mother’s belly, so when she hears this sound, it quickly calms her down. Pink noise is irreplaceable in relieving colic pains and putting the baby to sleep. The device is equipped with the CrySensor, thanks to which – when the noise fades after 40 minutes, it can turn on by itself if the baby cries.

Milo the Humming Bunny is made of soft gray plush, and its long, funny ears are lined with blue fabric with white dots. There are magnets at the ends of the bunny’s paws – thanks to them, the toy can be placed on the railing of a bed or a pram.

Our comforter will help the baby sleep peacefully. The blanket with the bunny’s head is made of a material that absorbs smells easily, it can be held by the body of a mum or dad longer so that it soaks up with their smell. The child will feel safe. The blanket is gray, but the lining is made of black and white striped material, which greatly supports the baby’s sensory development; the colours white and black are the first the child recognizes. The blanket has knots tied at the ends – you can attach, for example, a pacifier to them, they can also be used to play and chew on when the child wakes up.


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