Our Humming Bunny has won the hearts of parents and it has become our bestseller. Its noise soothes babies and at the same time delights with its adorable appearance. The Bunny and comfort blanket make a great set, because they help the baby fall aleep and comfort her.

Luna the Humming Bunny has a humming device with the CRYsensor hidden inside its belly. The device can be started at the push of a button. The pink noise reminds the baby of the sounds from the mother’s belly, which is why it has a calming and therapeutic effect. The noise is emitted for 40 minutes, after which it gradually fades out, but when the child cries, the device – thanks to the CrySensor function – reactivates by itself for 20 minutes. Of course, you can turn the device on or off at any time.

Our Humming Bunny with the CRYsensor is made of high-quality cream plush. Its long ears are lined with colourful dots, which arouse additional interest of little ones. Thanks to the magnets sewn in both her paws, the bunny can be safely hung on the rail of the cot or pram.

Our comfort blanket is an indispensable element of a baby’s layette. This is your baby’s first blanket, and at the same time a cute cuddly toy with the head of Luna Bunny. It has been designed specifically to absorb and retain a mother’s or father’s scent (it just needs to be held next to the body for some time) and help soothe your baby. Although this cuddly toy does not hum, it comforts them and chases away bad dreams. The soothing blanket is made of high-quality, gray soft material, lined with a fabric with black and white stripes. This element, in turn, significantly influences the sensory development of a child – the first colours that a newborn recognizes are white and black. Children also love the colourful rabbit ears. They can play with them or chew on them, as well as with the knots tied at the ends of the blanket. These knots are also a convenient way to attach a soother or teether.


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