Our Humming Bear (Holly) with the CRYsensor will help soothe colic pains and lull your baby to sleep. The comfort blanket absorbs those comforting and familiar mummy smells and guarantees a peaceful and delightful sleep.

Holly, the Humming Bear looks adorable in a dress finished with pink tulle. The dress is decorated with pink heart-shaped embroidery with the Whisbear logo. The garment is removable. Holly has magnets sewn into her paws, which allows to securely attach her to a cot or a pram. There is a humming device hidden inside the soft toy. When turned on, the device shushes for 40 minutes, emitting pink noise – the most effective and safest for the baby. This is the sound babies hear in the belly. After 40 minutes, the device gradually switches off, but thanks to the CRY sensor it turns on again – for 20 minutes, when the baby cries or starts to wake up. Holly, the Humming Bear is the child’s first friend and the first cuddly toy.

Our comfort blanket with the Humming Bear’s head is a perfect addition to the sleep aid. When your baby falls asleep, she loves to have a familiar object beside her, especially when it smells like mum or dad. Just hold the blankie close to your body for some time to increase your little one’s sense of security. The blanket is made of certified fabrics. The black and white pattern will additionally support the child’s sensory development. The knots tied at the ends will make it easier to attach your baby’s favorite teether or dummy so it won’t get lost.


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