Harry the Humming Bear and our comfort blanket are a great set for a baby. The bear will help your baby calm down and fall asleep, and the comforter will cuddle her during sleep and entertain after waking up.

Our Humming Bear has a humming device safely hidden inside the toy, which – when turned on – emits a soothing pink noise for 40 minutes. It reminds the little one of the friendly sounds from the mother’s belly and ensures a good night’s sleep. It is the pink noise that is the most effective and safest for a child. Thanks to the CRYsensor function, the device turns on again when the baby cries. Harry the Humming Bear has magnets sewn into its paws, so it can be attached to a frame of a cot or a pram.

The Humming Bear with the CRYsensor is a baby sleep aid that provides a calmer sleep for the child and her whole family. It is made of soft, top-quality cream plush. The teddy is wearing a trendy gray hoodie with a heart-shaped gold embroidery and Whisbear logo. The sweatshirt is removable.

Our comfort blanket will become your baby’s first cuddly toy. Let him accompany the baby when she falls asleep, lulled by Harry the Humming Bear, or when she wakes up after a nap! The comforter is a cuddly toy with a head in the shape of our Humming Bear. The blanket is made of materials that easily absorb the smell of the parent. It just needs to be held against the body for some time. The cuddly blanket will make your baby feel safe. The blanket is made of safe materials. Black and white stripes on the inner fabric support the baby’s sensory development. The tied knots are great for playing when the baby wakes up. They also make it easy to attach your baby’s favorite teether or pacifier.


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