Moonie Humming Bunny Nightlight – Silver

Moonie Humming Bunny Nightlight Silver is the ultimate baby sleep aid that helps your baby gently fall asleep faster. The soothing sounds reminds your child of the conditions in mummy’s womb.

Soothing Sounds

Moonie emits 5 natural soothing sounds:

  • Womb
  • Wind
  • forest stream
  • sea waves
  • rain
  • lullaby

The volume level of the sound can be adjusted according to babies need.

The sound is emitted for 30 minutes, then it fades away

The smart cry detector activates the soothing sounds once the baby starts crying.

Calming lights

Moonie is also a night lamp and its shining belly helps your baby to feel safe in the dark.

Each Moonie bunny has 7 colours of light you can choose from.

Moonie can be a night lamp only.


The sound module is USB rechargeable.

The toy is made from certified materials.

The toy is machine washable after removing the module.


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